New Console Software Remotely Controls Canon's XL H1 High-Definition Camcorder
Posted Sep 30, 2005

As a complement to the new Canon XL H1 High Definition camcorder, Canon has introduced a new PC-based software program that provides extensive control over a wide variety of camera features and settings as well as recording operations.

Designed for broadcast and filmmaking applications, Canon's Console software program can be helpful in virtually any production environment, reducing set-up time and maximizing the productivity of crew members, according to Canon. Canon's Console software, named for the large video control boards commonly found in television studios, provides control over four key XL H1 camera functions: image control, camera operation, video recording in HDV or SD and playback. This allows users to remain in command of the XL H1 camcorder remotely, such as when mounted on a camera crane or jib arm, between a studio and control room or even an inaccessible or risky location.

Professionals can control many XL H1 camcorder features and settings with Canon's Console software; including the Gamma, Master Pedestal, Color Phase, Custom Presets and AE Metering. Also changeable is zoom, focus, shooting mode and frame rate. The program permits a PC monitor to show a split-screen view of the record and playback control panels and viewing windows. Operators may use the playback viewer to watch video recorded to the hard drive while, at the same time, adjusting camera settings for the next shot using the recording panel.

Additionally, the Console software includes a Wave Form and Vector display for measuring and adjusting video and phase parameters. These features can add convenience on film locations or in TV studios when time or crew is restricted. Commands and responses are exchanged between the XL H1 camcorder and a PC through a single IEEE1394 cable, making it efficient to set up and remotely control the camera using an elegant and intuitive user interface. Canon's Console software is also fully compatible with the Canon XL2 MiniDV camcorder while recording standard definition video. In SD mode, users can benefit from the individual Frame Recording feature for animation and simulation videos. System requirements include Windows XP OS (Home or Professional) and Service pack 2 (SP2), a Pentium 4 2.5GHz CPU or better, 512MB memory or better and IEEE 1394 connector.

Users may receive a trial version of Canon's Console software, which allows them to examine and access the program for a period of 14 days or 20 trials. Once satisfied, trial users may purchase a license key to the program for $599. Trial versions and the license key to Canon's Console software will be available in November. To obtain a trail version of Canon's Console software people should visit the company's Web site at