Cirlinca Launches DVD-Audio Authoring for Consumers
Posted Sep 26, 2005

Cirlinca has announced the introduction of DVD-Audio Solo, the first PC based application to enable the creation of DVD-Audio discs.

DVD-Audio Solo can import audio tracks from PC disk files, built-in sound card recording, or CD extractors. Advanced users will be able to use pro-quality upsampling. The multi-channel import includes up to 6 channels, and the still video support includes resolution sampling rates up to 196Khz / 24 bits.

Other DVD-Audio Solo Features:
* Unique still video to each track, for creating music slide shows.
* Built-in audio player to preview the tracks before burning.
* Built-in recording facility to record from external analog sources like turntables at high resolution.
* Integrated DVD writing engine to write directly to DVD disc without the need for an external writing software.
* Choice of application skins.
* Support 1 to 9 groups and 1 to 99 tracks per group, for a maximum total track count of 314.
* Write to DVD±R/W and DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs. DVD-Audio Solo is currently priced at $34.95 USD MSRP.