Octave Systems Announced New Data Safe Copy Master II CD/DVD Duplicators
Posted Sep 16, 2005

Octave Systems, Inc. has unveiled its new line of Data Safe Copy Master II CD/DVD duplicators, which allow users to duplicate CDs and DVDs quickly via user-friendly tower-style duplicators. With the addition of a convenient front-bay removable 160GB hard drive, users can now remove and secure sensitive data by locking it in a safe.

The latest addition to the Copy Master line offers tower-style models that can provide 1-to-8, 1-to-6, and 1-to-4 duplication depending on the user's needs, and can duplicate DVDs up to 16X, 8.5 GB Dual Layered DVDs up to 4X and CDs up to 48X. An eight-drive Data Safe Copy Master II can produce eight full 4.7GB DVDs in seven minutes, and eight full 650MB CDs can be produced in three minutes, according to Octave.

One new addition to the Data Safe Copy Master II is the quick-start Auto Copy feature, which allows users to load up the master and blanks and start the duplication process by pressing the new Copy button. There are four additional convenience buttons: Copy, Test, Speed and Source. The Copy button allows the user to begin the duplication process. The Test button tests the copy process without actually writing to the media. The Speed button sets the speed of the copy. The Source button changes the master source of the information the user wants copied from the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM to the hard disk.

In addition, the Data Safe Copy Master II also features a buffer memory of 128MB; a removable 160GB hard drive; password protection for different users; hard disk drive partition naming, allowing a user to name the images stored in hard drive partitions; multiple language displays; DVD drive firmware upgradeable by the controller; enhanced firmware in the controller that speeds duplication; better cooling through the use of an aluminum case; and an auto counter that keeps running totals of successful copies.

The Data Safe Copy Master II line is competitively priced at $995 for a 1-to-4 duplicator, $1,209 for a 1-to-6 duplicator and $1,429 for a 1-to-8 duplicator, all of which are currently available.