Focus Enhancements Brings Direct To Edit Video Disk Recording To The Studio With New FireStore FS-2E
Posted Sep 8, 2005

FOCUS Enhancements Inc. has announced its new FireStore FS-2E Studio Direct To Edit (DTE) recorder. Available today through FOCUS Enhancements' network of distributors nationwide, FireStore FS-2E utilizes the company's DTE technology to record video to FireWire disk drives in edit-ready, native DV-NLE file formats--elliminating the need to capture, transfer or convert clips prior to the edit stage of production.

Designed as a broadcast tape deck replacement, the FireStore FS-2E features a number of standard audio and video I/O options including SDI with embedded audio, DV25, Component, Composite, S-Video, AES/EBU digital audio and balanced analog audio. FS-2E is designed to interface with standard control protocols such as RS422, RS-232C, AV/C and GPI. FS-2E is ideal for SD or HD (down-converted) video dailies recording, broadcast play-out and as a studio companion to the FireStore line of portable desktop and camera-mount DTE recorders. It is designed to streamline production workflow in high end broadcast, HD video assist, production and duplication houses, film-to-disk transfer, sports/outside broadcast, and government/military applications.

The FireStore FS-2E features an incredibly easy to use, VTR-like interface for a familiar control interface. The built-in disk drive and file system integrates seamlessly with PC and Mac based editing systems. It also can connect to networks via FTP using an Ethernet interface to copy files and control the unit. FS-2E now features an easy to use web interface for control and management of the unit remotely. The FS-2E is expandable providing the ability to daisy chain up to five external FireWire drives for extended recordings and playback.

FS-2E is available now through the Focus worldwide dealer and distributor network for a US MSRP of $6,995.