FutureVideo Announces Multiple Playback Digital Video Software
Posted Aug 29, 2005

Device control pioneer FutureVideo Products, Inc. has unveiled Multi-View, a new digital video playback and synchronizing software solution. Multi-View provides simultaneous playback and synchronization of pre-recorded digital video media on a Windows 2000/XP-based PC platform.

Up to 24 digital video windows can be played back together and re-synchronized at any designated time. Multiple digital media formats are supported including uncompressed AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and others--when appropriate decoders are installed. In addition, each window may be re-sized, cropped, and positioned anywhere within the workspace.

An event log can be created for each video to mark specific interest points within the content. Continuous video playback between user-settable In and Out points is possible. Multi-View can be used for video post-production, aerospace, military intelligence, security/surveillance, geophysical, law enforcement, legal, medical, process control, and sports applications.

Multi-View is also compatible with FutureVideo's Media Commander MC-20PRO which can map all the application's shortcut keys into a convenient ergonomic control surface that includes jog and shuttle functions. By adding FutureVideo's Media Commander 100 modules, tape and disk media can also be directly controlled in a network of up to 16 VCRs and DVD players.