Proavio Announces New Line of High Performance eSATA Video Storage
Posted Jul 22, 2005

Proavio has announced the release of its editBOXT eSATA video disk array solutions. Designed for high-resolution HDV and uncompressed video editing and production, the editBOXT features a complete storage solution in a box.

With five removable SATA II disks and an eSATA interface, the editBOXT can multi-stream 10-bit video, while offering capacity options that make editBOXT a clear choice for users interested in maximizing capacity and cost. EditBOXT features a next generation eSATA PCI-X host adapter for Macintosh or Windows operating systems. A high-performance architecture supplies sustained throughputs of over 160MB/sec.

With pricing starting at $1799, editBOXT features a RAID 0 architecture and five-disk design allows users to create a four-disk striped array for video and designate the last drive for audio capture/playback, or utilize the disk as a render drive. PROAVIO has tested and qualified editBOXT for use the best names in video hardware such as AJA Kona2, BlackMagic BlueFish444, Matrox and Aurora Video Systems.