ProCon Introduces New Line of CD/DVD Duplicators
Posted Jul 15, 2005

Digital content creators without CD/DVD burners can now simply connect their computer by Firewire or USB to a ProCon duplication system, which will automatically be recognized by the computer as a mass storage device. These systems are the first DVD/CD and CD duplication systems featuring IEEE1394 Firewire and USB 2.0 inputs. ProCon DVD Duplication Systems are built with 16X drives supporting all DVD formats including DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-R Dual Layer.

These units also feature a user friendly interface, attractive enclosures, superior ventilation for high duty cycle performance and a 110/220 Volt selectable power supply. The ProCon DVD/CD and CD Duplication Systems include 72 models with tower systems offering from 1 to 11 and are available with and without optional 160GBhard disk drives for CD models and 250GB hard disk drives for DVD/CD models. The product line also includes rack mount DVD/CD and CD duplication systems and robotic automated DVD/CD and CD duplication systems.