ProCon Introduces RS232 Direct Connect Controllers for QuickCapture A2D
Posted Jul 15, 2005

ProCon Technology, USA has announced the introduction of a new line of wired RS232 remote controls for the nNovia QuickCapture A2D. Simple one-button, full-featured 4 button and motion sensor controls are immediately available. The QC-GPI Record/Play Controller is a simple one button device offering play/pause and record/stop control functions for the entire family of QuickCapture A2D products.

The QC-GPI2 Four Button Controller is the ultimate in device control for the full line of QuickCapture A2D products. This four button, multi color LED device offers NEXT BIN, PREVIOUS BIN, RECORD START/STOP, PLAY/PAUSE, FREEZE FRAME, 1x2x4x8x16x FORWARD & REVERSE remote functionality.

The QC-PIR Passive Infrared Module allows for recording events with the QuickCapture A2D that depend on movement detection like wildlife videography, surveillance work and "fly on the wall" documentaries. Once motion is detected, the QC- PIR triggers the QuickCapture A2D to record continuously until 30 seconds of inactivity is detected by the sensor. The QuickCapture A2D will then stop recording until further movement is detected.