Ulead Digital Media Software Supports Pioneer DVR-509’s New DVD-R Dual-Layer Burning Capabilities
Posted Jul 8, 2005

Ulead Systems has announced that its digital media software suite, which is included with the Pioneer DVR-509, fully supports the drive's new DVD-R dual-layer and 8X +RW burning functionality. Ulead has now equipped its digital media software to support the recently-introduced DVD-R dual-layer media. Both DVD-R dual-layer and DVD+R double-layer media give consumers twice the storage capacity (8.5 GB of storage instead of the 4.7 GB offered on single-layer discs). With DVD-R dual-layer discs, consumers can now burn two hours of video at the highest quality for playback on set-top DVD players, according to Ulead.

Ulead's support for new DVD-R dual-layer media burning includes multi-session and layer-jump recording. Unlike the "Disc-at-Once" recording process, multi-session burning cuts the burning process into different sessions. Layer-jump recording alternates burning between both layers of the disc, which evenly distributes the data between layers. The advantage to layer-jump recording is that it minimizes the finalization time when burning the DVD.

The Ulead software suite bundled with the Pioneer DVR-509 comprises a set of applications within one interface: