Photoflex Introduces Lowel Omni Hot-Light Connector
Posted Jun 24, 2005

Photoflex has introduced a connector for the Lowel Omni tungsten lighting fixtures used in digital video and digital photography. The new Lowel Omni connector complements Photoflex connectors for Lowel's Tota and DP hot lights. It is compatible with all Photoflex softboxes used with hot lights, including the SilverDome, WhiteDome, and silver-interior HalfDome2.

Made of heat-resistant cast aluminum for durability and long life, the new connector has a Teflon washer rotation system that facilitates easy softbox positioning. Its cast-aluminum outer ring with stamped metal insert features brass set screws that allow the connector to mount directly onto the front of the light, unlike its predecessor, the VC-L4002 Connector. Retail price is $79.95.