FutureVideo Announces Professional Multi-function Jog/Shuttle Control Surface
Posted Jun 26, 2005

Device control manufacturer FutureVideo Products, Inc. has unveiled its new multi-function jog/shuttle controller, Media Commander MC-20PRO. Media Commander MC-20PRO combines the control and functions commonly used during video and audio post-production—PC keyboard commands, media playback, and Jog/Shuttle controls—into a single control surface that allows controlling both digital media on the PC as well as tape-based media.

Its KeyAssigner software integrates key-mapping and jog/shuttle preferences with keyboard labeling for the 180 possible multi-modal commands that can be programmed and saved in flash memory for the 22 assignable keys. The software will come with pre-configured key maps for various NLE systems, including Adobe Premiere, NewTek VT[4], Canopus Edius, and others.

The MC-20PRO's capabilities extend beyond computer-based media systems. Thanks to its EditLink port, Media Commander MC-20PRO can connect with FutureVideo's Media Commander 100 modules to directly control a network of up to 16 VCRs (including various camcorders equipped with LANC or 5-pin edit control ports), Digital Audio Tape Recorders (including DTRS/DTS machines), and selected DVD recorders.