Telecast Demonstrates New CopperHead JT
Posted May 19, 2005

Telecast Fiber Systems has previewed a new high-definition (HD) fiber-optic transport system designedto give camera operators unprecedented flexibility in high-quality acquisition, whether for film sets, television, and video production, or sports coverage. The CopperHead JT is being developed as a kit that allows the optical block of the Sony HDC-F950 camera to be connected to the camera body via a lightweight tactical fiber optic cable over distances up to 15 kilometers. With this configuration, camera operators have much greater freedom to focus on creativity, while all engineering control and recording of the full-bandwidth 4:4:4 HD signals are handled from a distance.

The CopperHead JT, designed by Telecast with the assistance of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, builds on the Sony HDC F950's ability to operate with the optical block and camera body separated. The system is comprised of a compact housing that transforms the HDC-F950's optical block into a true 4:4:4 camera, equipped with a fiber optic transceiver. A reciprocal transceiver is located at the camera's "body," where all video processing takes place. The two are connected via a small, robust fiber optic cable. "

In addition to transmitting the basic camera signals via the robust fiber optic link, the CopperHead JT is designed also to transport a variety of other data, video, audio, and communication signals - all of the signals required for high-end digital motion picture production-between the camera and the base station. Use of a fiber link rather than bulkier, less durable copper cabling also serves to eliminate all EMI, RFI, crosstalk, ground loops/hum, HF roll-off, and other noise that can affect signal quality.

The CopperHead JT, which will use components and hardware manufactured by Telecast and Sony, is slated to be available for delivery in Q3 2005. The innovative combination of the Telecast fiber linking and Sony camera technologies was guided by the extensive HD production experience of William Lange at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's Center for Imaging & Visualization. His work on specialized deep sea recording projects was key in testing and refining use of the F950's optical block over fiber from a remote point, and his camera was used to prototype the CopperHead JT system that debuted in a technology demonstration at NAB2005 in April and is currently being showcased at HDExpo.