NewTek Announces VT[4] Version 4.5
Posted Apr 25, 2005

NewTek, Inc. has announced the latest software version of its VT[4] integrated Production Suite, designed to serve all professional video production needs from network broadcast to web streaming. VT[4] version 4.5 provides real-time layering and effects for live video and graphics in most PC file formats and operates internally in uncompressed D1 component video, with composite, Y/C, component, DV or optional SDI output. NewTek's VT[4] includes integrated timeline and storyboard editing, paint, 3D modeling and animation, titling, keying, live switching and more. "

NewTek is implementing several major new features into VT[4] version 4.5, covering new graphics, titling and output capabilities, as well as significant system improvements. New Features include:

System improvements include:

VT[4] Version 4.5 also offers built-in integration for a wide range of popular tools for film and television effects, including Digital Fusion, After Effects, combustion, 3ds max, and more. VT[4] Version 4.5's frame buffer output for these applications provides artists with instant feedback on what their shots, graphics elements, and composites will look like when broadcast. VT[4] Version 4.5 also includes a Project Codec that lets any application with AVI support load VT[4] project files with no conversion or rendering, allowing VT[4] Version 4.5 to integrate into virtually any production pipeline.

VT[4] Version 4.5 will be a free download for registered VT[4] owners, and retails at $3495.