VFGadgets.com Introduces the Video LCD Monitor Mount Pro
Posted Apr 9, 2005

VFGadgets Inc. has announced the introduction of the Video LCD Monitor Mount Pro. Now that more DOPs and Videographers are using 17" to 23" professional video LCD and TFT monitors in the field, VFGadgets have come up with a way to take the monitors off the desktop and use them on a lighting stand or a base plate, right where the director and the shooter can see the monitor with ease.

The Video LCD Monitor Mount Pro can hold up to 30lbs and can be mounted on any lighting stand that has a 5/8" male stud; it's designed to be studry enough to enable video producer to use broadcast-quality LCD monitors with a sunshade on for exterior shots.

The monitor mount has two adjustment points that allows users to set the flat panel monitor in any position and a pivot point at the base of the unit for easy side-to-side positioning. The mount comes with the required VESA plate that will work with 100mm and 75mm mounting holes on the back of all broadcast-quality LCD and TFT monitors.