Panasonic to Offer FOCUS Enhancements' FireStore DV File Converter Pro With Its DVCPRO P2 Broadcast Products
Posted Apr 2, 2005

FOCUS Enhancements Inc. has announced that Panasonic will offer an enhanced version of FOCUS' industry-leading file conversion software, FireStore DV File Converter Pro, which adds MXF P2 support for Panasonic's broadcast DVCPRO P2 products. The FireStore DV File Converter Pro offers increased support to the Panasonic P2 Partner Program, which includes other hardware and software companies such as Apple, Avid, Pinnacle, Thomson/Grass Valley and Quantel, by allowing users to bridge P2 with DV-based solutions.

The P2 Series of equipment is based on Panasonic's new PCMCIA-sized solid-state memory card, offering cost-effective media-less operation. The P2 Partner Program was created to provide broadcast video professionals with seamless P2-compatible video and technology solutions from a variety of suppliers.

FOCUS Enhancements' easy-to-use FireStore DV File Converter Pro software is a video file converter developed for broadcasters and other video professionals using the DV, DVCAM, and DVCPRO formats. Panasonic P2 Cameras and decks capture video and audio in the industry-standard Material Exchange Format (MXF). MXF files include audio/video content and related metadata (production notes, camera settings, time code positions, etc.) as well as an indexing capability for random retrieval. With FireStore DV File Converter Pro, it is possible to convert the P2 MXF file format to or from popular DV-based NLE file formats on the market, including QuickTime, AVI, Raw DV, and Avid DV-OMF among others, allowing seamless integration with today's top editing applications.

FireStore DV File Converter Pro was developed exclusively for Panasonic Broadcast to support quick and easy MXF file format exchange with popular DV editing applications. Focus also has available The FireStore DV Conversion Suite, a powerful group of PC programs that supports post-acquisition multiple file and standards conversion needs. Customers acquiring video to tape, solid-state memory, optical, or hard disk systems that are not based on FOCUS Enhancements' Direct To Edit Technology (DTE) can use the FOCUS Enhancements FireStore DV File Converter and FOCUS Enhancements FireStore DV Standards Converter for their file conversion needs. More information on FireStore DV Conversion Suite can be found