Nattress Announces Updated Film Effects for Apple's Final Cut Pro
Posted Mar 3, 2005

Nattress has released Film Effects 2.0, a new update to the popular plug-in package for Apple's Final Cut Pro. Film Effects is designed to give the user additional control over how their video looks, and the ability to make it look like film, according to Nattress.

Film Effects is based around a 60i-to-24p simulation plug-in and also includes over 20 configurable, preset looks, and eight other plug-ins designed to help make the user's video more filmic. Included in the package is a plug-in, G Nicer, which can increase the quality of the chroma in DV NTSC video by use of a proprietary chroma reconstruction algorithm. The algorithm improves the creation of 4:4:4 from NTSC DV's 4:1:1 chroma.

Film Effects 2.0 also includes 24p Simulation, which now allows for variable motion blur; G Film Extra and G RGB Colour Mixer, a new Film Effect that combines the newly improved 24p effect with a new method of altering video to look like film; G Widescreen Matte Filter for improved letterboxing of 4:3 video. New presets include improved Bleach Bypass, a new G Chroma blur plug-in, and G Vignette with new custom shapes and dithering optons.

Film Effects 2.0 is available now with an MSRP of $100.