Digital Video Computing Introduces ClipRecorder-Light and ClipRecorderXTreme
Posted Jan 31, 2005

Digital Video Computing (DVC) has introduced two new HD and SD hard disk recorders to its ScreenDisk family of products, which provide open platform for the uncompressed recording and playback of SD, HD, 2k, and film data. Within this range the ClipRecorder series of uncompressed HD and SD disk recorders has been extended with new multistandard, multi-channel models.

The ClipRecorder-Light now can store and record both HD and SD SDI video with six-channel AES /embedded audio. The internal SCSI disk array can be enlarged up to 2 or 4TB. The entry-level model with 66 min HD 1080p25 or 330 min SD 625i50 lists for Euro 15,000--and is available immediately.

DVC has also announced ClipRecorderXTreme, its new top model. ClipRecorderXTreme will feature the new XENA2 (former KONA2 uncompressed multistandard I/O boards. As a result all models of ClipRecorderXTreme have Dual-Link HD, HD, and SD input and outputs with 8- or 10-bit, and the option to operate in 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 modes. In addition an analog component output with 12 bit D/A conversion is available. With the XENA2 I/O channel hardware up- and down conversion from HD to SD and vice versa will be supported. The new server platform used for ClipRecorderXTreme allows the use of multiple XENA I/O boards and thereby provides a true multistandard multi-channel device.

Further highlights of ClipRecorderXTreme are Dual XEON processors up to 3.6GHz, up to 16GB RAM, and PCI-Express high-end graphics. The disk array is based on approved and reliable SCSI technology and can be expanded up to 6TB. Additionally a Quad-Fibre-Controller for SAN-connection will be an option. Furthermore ClipRecorderXTreme comes with the Drastic MediaReactor file converter, transcoder and encoder and the IRIDAS FrameCycler Player software.