16x9 Introduces Improved Zoom Control for LANC Cameras
Posted Jan 14, 2005

16x9 Inc. has introduced a new version of the Zoe zoom control designed for use with the Sony HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U, Canon XL2, plus other LANC cameras. Ideal for digital cinematography, the Zoe-DVL provides variable stepless zoom speed control with preadjusted maximum speed, focus, record start/stop, and camera on/off in an efficient, operator-friendly package.

Featuring a more ergonomic design, the Zoe-DVL offers three thumb positions--left, right, or center--for comfort and control. The unit's touch-responsive rocker switch is engineered for intuitive operation. Zoom speed increases in direct relation to pressure applied to the zoom button, which allows for smooth ramp-up and precise manipulation. A rotating selector wheel provides preadjustment of maximum zoom speed.

Mechanical side guards protect the selector wheel from damage or accidental repositioning. Separate buttons offer instant adjustment of focus and camera on/off functions. Controls are set apart and uniquely shaped for easy touch recognition. Functions are clearly indicated by bright LEDs. Set up is quick and easy. The new 30cm coiled cable extends to 90 cm. An elbow plug connects to the camera's LANC output. Zoe's improved quick-release clamp attaches to tripod panhandles of up to 34mm diameter.

Suggested price for the Zoe-DVL is $360.