Cinram introduces new hybrid HD/DVD-9 disc
Posted Jan 11, 2005

Beginning in January 2005, Cinram will offer a single optical disc capable of storing data in both DVD and HD-DVD formats. The new hybrid HD/DVD-9 discs will allow Cinram's customers to benefit from the flexibility of providing content compatible with existing DVD hardware as well as with new HD-DVD players.

The new read-only discs contain two sides. The first consists of a traditional DVD-9 that can store up to 8.4GB of data, while the other side is an HD-DVD capable of storing up to 15GB of data, or a two-hour movie in high-definition format. The product meets all DVD and HD specifications and will work in all players, according to Cinram. The disc is made using a patented Surface Transfer Process developed at Cinram's Olyphant, Pennsylvania facility.

While HD-DVD players and video software are expected to hit the market in 2005, more than two-thirds of North American homes already own a DVD player. With its dual functionality, Cinram believes the new hybrid HD/DVD-9 format could help spur adoption of HD-DVDs. The application of the hybrid discs can take many forms: high-definition movie and DVD movie, high-definition movie and DVD-ROM game, high-definition movie and DVD added-value materials like Internet connectivity, movie trailers, cross promotions, or targeted advertising.