Schneider Creates New ND Dual Grad Filter
Posted Jan 7, 2005

Schneider Optics has announced the latest addition to its renowned line of professional filters for motion picture and digital cinematography, the Schneider ND Dual Grad filter. Designed to control exposure and/or depth of field for 2 different areas of frame, the Schneider Dual Grad provides 2 graduated ND attenuator sections.

One, covering 2/3 of the glass, graduates from 4 stops to the central clear, while the smaller 1/3 section goes from 2 stops at the outer edge of the glass to the clear section (ND1.2 up/.6 down) . The Schneider ND Dual Grad is ideal for diminishing distracting backgrounds and foregrounds - for example, neutralizing the sky above and the pavement below when used for a car shot. The Schneider ND Dual Grad filter is available in the 6.6"x6.6"size.