Sony Announces AccCORE Technology for Enhanced Accuracy in DVD Recording
Posted Dec 28, 2004

Sony Electronics has introduced AccuCORE technology for DVD recording, and claims it will deliver enhanced recording accuracy, compatibility, and reliability. Sony's new 16X DVD-R and DVD+R media will be the first Sony products to feature AccuCORE, which will subsequently be applied to the company's line of 8X DVD media.

Sony says AccuCORE technology will deliver wider playback compatibility, faster addressing of the DVD-R format in high-speed dubbing and time-shift playback applications, more stable disc writing through reduced disc vibrations at high speeds, greater temperature adaptability for optimal performance during extended burning processes, and improved archival reliability for long-term storage.

AccuCORE technology will be implemented across all Sony recordable DVD media in January. The key-shaped "AccuCORE" emblem will be found on product packaging, product catalogues and in-store display materials. 16X DVD±R discs with AccuCORE technology will be available in February. Both will have a suggested retail price of $1.69 per disc or $16.99 for a package of 10 discs.