KWorld Introduces Video Magician
Posted Dec 17, 2004

KWorld Computer Co. Ltd. Has announced the Video Magician, a hardware/software conversion system that turns any PC (from a Pentium III 800 up) into a video editing station, according to KWorld.

The Video Magician includes an internal PCI card, a breakout box for easy access audio/video connection, and a full complement of software that provides the system with TIVO type capture and viewing plus full featured video editing. It has the ability to capture video from a variety of sources, including broadcast television signals, composite video, S-video, camcorder, VCRs, DVDs, USB, and Fire Wire.

Bundled with Cyberlink's Power Director 3 and Power VCRII software, the system offers video editing capabilities such as store, edit, enhance, titling, sound effects, music, narration, special effects, transitions, and the ability to generate distribution products in all popular formats including CD, VCD, DVD, and the Web.

Minimum system requirements for the Video Magician include a Pentium III 800MHz PC with Windows 98SE or higher, 128MB RAM, a free PCI 2.2 slot, a graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or higher, a SoundBlaster 16-compatible sound card, and 1GB free hard drive space and a CD-ROM drive for installation.