ViewCast Introduces Osprey Ease Combined with Adobe Premiere Elements
Posted Dec 17, 2004

ViewCast Corporation has announced the release of Osprey Ease. Osprey Ease combines the Osprey-300 video capture card with Adobe Premiere Elements. The resulting product provides a video capture, editing, streaming, and DVD authoring tool for corporate communications departments, business video specialists, and multimedia producers.

Osprey Ease includes the Osprey-300, an analog video capture and streaming card that includes an OHCI compliant DV (FireWire) port. Using Adobe Premiere Elements and digital video (DV) devices, such as DV cameras and DV decks, users can capture, control, edit, and stream videos. OHCI provides the user control features of their DV device from their desktop: stop, rewind, and record. The Osprey-300 also provides simultaneous capture and real-time video streaming through the analog port and direct capture from DV devices into Adobe Premiere Elements for DVD authoring. The Osprey-300's PCI-X bus compatibility delivers high-bandwidth data transfer needed to capture full-resolution DVD-quality video.

Manufacturer suggested retail price is $499.