Serious Magic Ships New Virtual Sets for its ULTRA Software and Unveils DV Rack Product
Posted Dec 10, 2004

Serious Magic, Inc. has announced 12 new virtual sets focused on the business, training, and education markets. Master Sets Library 3, designed exclusively for ULTRA, uses Serious Magic's VirtualTrak technology, which creates virtual camera moves from stationary camera shots and inserts video reflections into virtual scenes for increased realism.

Among the sets included is a corner office overlooking a panoramic skyline, a conference room exposing the city's buildings through a corner window, and a lecture hall showcasing a large stage flanked by two video screens. All sets include multiple angles, virtual flying camera shots, and places to insert additional video sources or graphics.

The Master Set Library 3 is available now for $495.

Additionally, Serious Magic, Inc. has announced the availability of DV Rack Express, a budget version of DV Rack, the software designed to help videographers and DV filmmakers shoot higher-quality video while saving time in post-production. DV Rack Express features three of the ten modules found in DV Rack: the DVR 600, PDM 840, and DV Grabber Express. DV Rack Express enables users to record directly to hard drive and use a broadcast-quality field monitor for accurate viewing of video. Additionally, the DV Grabber Express module allows users to capture full-resolution DV video stills for client approvals, digital storyboards, and instant reference frames of their video.

The DV Rack Express is available for $99.95.