Reflecmedia And Ultimatte form Partnership
Posted Dec 10, 2004

Chromakey tool provider Reflecmedia has entered into a partnership with Ultimatte Corporation to launch a hardware keying solution for the digital video market. The collaboration will be known as Ultimatte DV.

Reflecmedia's ChromaFlex and Chromatte have reduced the need for lighting, space, and time in chromakeying. Their approach to chromakey uses a camera-mounted LiteRing, of either blue or green LEDs, together with the reflective fabric Chromatte, to generate the even-colored background required for the technique.

Ultimatte DV will feature functions and video connectivity designed to suit the DV user, with S-Video (Y/C) and Composite camera inputs, together with DV (Firewire, IEEE-1394) for both input of backgrounds and output of the composite.

Ultimatte DV will be available for $2,995.