InterVideo Launches New DVD Copy 3
Posted Dec 3, 2004

InterVideo, Inc. has announced the release of InterVideo DVD Copy 3 Platinum and Gold editions for creating copies of DVD and CD videos in three quick, simple steps. Enhanced with new customization features, creating and burning copies of CDs/DVDs are much faster and easier than before, the company claims.

DVD Copy 3 replicates unencrypted DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs with no loss of quality, content or features. DVD Copy 3 also integrates InterVideo's codec performance for copying. Incorporated with DVD Copy 3, is InterVideo's UniPass technology that directly copies from the source to the CD/DVD without re-rendering and buffering.

With as few as three clicks, DVD Copy 3 users can be on their way to creating their own CD/DVD. Consumers simply select the source, choose the broad compatibility media destination (CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW/-RAM disc or hard drive), and choose the video output format (DVD, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-4 CD, Windows Media Video CD, DivX, or M-DVD). Options offered include customizing discs by allowing individuals to remove unwanted chapters, subtitles, and audio streams to personalize their DVD. Additionally, the Auto-Fit feature is designed to adjust the bit rate so users can fit any video onto a single DVD. Included is an interface that provides all the features users need on one screen to make their CD/DVD.

The InterVideo DVD Copy 3 suggested retail prices are $49.95 for the Gold version and $79.95 for the full Platinum version.