Wizzard Software Begins Licensing WizzScribe
Posted Nov 12, 2004

Wizzard Software has announced they have begun signing customer licensing agreements for WizzScribe, the newest addition to Wizzard Software's product line. WizzScribe is a server-based SDK with runtime speech engines that support the offline conversion of voice audio into text, bringing large vocabulary voice recognition technology to a wide range of applications. It is powered by IBM's proven and sophisticated large vocabulary voice recognition technology.

Through the use of an offline mode of voice recognition, WizzScribe supports a wide variety of input devices and methods. It can also add speech recognition capability to industrial-strength, server-based applications whenever large volumes of audio need to be converted into text for searching, data-mining, storage and documentation. Another feature of WizzScribe is its ability to be accessed through a telephone. Users can dictate information and have the dictated audio converted into text for use by an application or for web-based activity such as email or retrieval.