Digital View Releases EasyMPEG 3.1.2
Posted Oct 26, 2004

DigitalView has released version 3.1.2 of EasyMPEG, a PC-based software package that can edit and author VCD/SVCD in "real time." For users with a DV camcorder who want to save the content as VCD/SVCD, EasyMPEG helps edit video files in a short time, and then allows the users to create the disc independently.

After video is saved to disc as .mpg file, EasyMPEG will show the mpeg file on the disc as a thumbnail list. EasyMPEG uses a Virtual-Play technique to preview the content during the editing operation. This feature is very useful and exciting because the user can see the result almost immediately after the editing, and without any time-consuming work. EasyMPEG produces the new file after all editing is finished. Users will find that selecting several scenes to build a new 600MB video file takes only five minutes, according to Digital View. EasyMPEG also supports .dat files on VCD/SVCD and .vob files on DVD, which allows users to add more data into a file.

EasyMPEG has two modes for authoring VCD/SVCD: Sequence Mode and Menu Mode. Menu Mode creates the disc by designing a very complicated multi-level menu. Not merely a static picture, the dynamic video file can serve as a control menu, too. EasyMPEG uses a picture array and background music to create a menu mode. When the user wants to make a disc with a simple structure, Sequence Mode is suitable. In this mode, EasyMPEG can split the content over several discs to fit the capacity of the disc automatically.

Another feature is the ability to view the detail of video files and demux the MPEG stream. EasyMPEG works together with a DV camcorder.

EasyMPEG runs under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and requires a PC with PIII500 or higher CPU, at least 64MB Ram. EasyMPEG costs $29.95(US).