VtoDVD Systems and VITEC Multimedia Team Up
Posted Oct 8, 2004

VtoDVD and VITEC have partnered to develop RocketDVD Professional, a fully automated DVD authoring and production system. RocketDV's advanced features include real-time video and audio capture with the VITEC MPEGProfiler encoder, optional pre-encoded files feature, DVD format creation, DVD menu creation, DVD package printing, disc output, and optional job polling. VtoDVD is demonstrating RocketDVD Professional at GVExpo 2004.

The MPEGProfiler from VITEC features Y/U/V, Y/C, and composite video inputs suitable for capturing from professional sources including BetacamSP, Digital-S & Digital Betacam. The unit includes "DVD Toolbox" for basic MPEG editing software.

Two software components are used to interface with the system: RocketDVD and MenuMaker. User-selectable features include encoder settings, type of DVD, disc output, disc printing, DVD case-wrap, and insert printing. MenuMaker enables users to create professional menus for their DVD and save them as menu themes for use with RocketDVD.

After the user completes their job setup, all that's required is to push the play button on the control panel. The system then encodes the video/audio, creates chapter points and associated bitmaps, applies selected menu themes, outputs to selected DVD-R drives, and prints all assets without user intervention.