SunnComm Announces Advance in DVD Protection
Posted Jun 29, 2004

SunnComm International Inc. announced that it has completed its "proof of concept" in the development of its anticipated DVD copy inhibiting technology. The SunnComm MediaMaxDVD technology will include features and enhancements on a commercial DVD in addition to the security components designed to inhibit casual copying. The company will announce these additional features following the completion of Phase I of its patent application process intended to secure the intellectual property rights related to these unique additional features. These enhancements have been designed to create greater entertainment value for the consumer while boosting incremental sales and contributing to higher price points on catalog DVD releases.

DVD to DVD piracy has become a major concern for content providers in the movie industry. Now, most commercial technology available prevents users from making illegal copies of DVDs when they attempt to convert the DVD content to the VHS tape format. Demand for content protection to fight DVD to DVD piracy is accelerating as DVD players and DVD burners become increasingly available and affordable.