Commentary: Why Is High-Quality Audio So Important For High-Def Video?
Posted Sep 18, 2006

Nothing affects the human soul the way music and audio can. We react to audio on a totally different level than we do video. You want to evoke emotion--use audio. If you want to create suspense, fear, humor, superior audio is a must. Any yahoo can use on-camera audio, or plug in a mic, but go beyond this, and you'll really make a difference.
    With the advent of HD and HDV, we as video professionals are forced to step up our game and improve what we do or get left behind. Truth be told, many of us cut corners when it comes to audio for video. This is no longer acceptable! The tools that are available to professionals are cutting edge, inexpensive and can definitely help us all capture audio that matches the dazzling looks we get from our new high-def cameras.

One such tool is the Azden FMX-32 Field Mixer. If you are not using a field mixer now, start. They are easy to use and a must in today's video production world. The Azden FMX-32 is an ultra-portable, battery-powered, three-channel solution. It is easy to use with most microphones that feature low-impedance XLR output. The FMX-32 connects to any video camera or audio device that features XLR or mini-jack inputs.

Features like an easy-to-read output level meter and switchable limiter and independent monitor gain really come in handy. I can't state strongly enough how important it is to be able to mix each channel of audio during production, and the FMX-32 makes this possible.

I guess my only knock on the FMX-32 is that it did not come with a strap or external power supply in the box. Both of these gripes are very minor, I understand, but both of these accessories would have been nice to have when I needed them.

For more information about production improvements--audio and video--in an HD world, keep your eye out for EventDV's upcoming HDV Production Guide. The HDV Production Guide is a digital magazine available to all professionals who have signed up for the EventDV Spotlight newsletter.

Best of all this valuable tool is FREE to all professionals.