Blu-ray and HD-DVD: Compromising Positions?
Posted Jun 10, 2005

With some technologies, protracted delays can turn out to be good news. Case in point: Blu-ray and HD-DVD. While announcements of HD-DVD or Blu-ray-supporting products—available now or coming soon—seemed to abound at NAB from Sonic, Nero, and others, the formats' patent holders seemed to be putting on the brakes.

Firmly in the category of things that won't affect you or your work for quite some time (especially as the DTV mandators continue to back-pedal), HD-DVD and Blu-ray's arrival in the consumer mainstream (which, along with the insurgence of HDTV, will precipitate their arrival as serious considerations for event videographers) may happen even later than we'd previously imagined (think, 2008 or 2009).

The latest word out of the two camps is that a compromise may be in the works—meaning we'll end up with one format instead of two—which would be good news for everyone (that is, everyone except the patent-holding backers of the formats, who are loath to see their patent pools diluted). Given that the 11th-hour compromise between the two pre-DVD competing formats (SuperCD and MMCD) proved the indispensable catalyst in getting DVD off the ground back in 1997, I say, everybody in the pool!