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Review: Nightsong Wedding & Event Series, Vol. 3
Posted Jan 20, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Michael Aiken first released his Wedding & Event Series Volume 1 CD, geared specifically for wedding and event videographers, in 2004. Volume 2 was released in 2005. Those already familiar with award-winning composer Michael Aiken's first two CD's of royalty-free instrumental music will no doubt be looking forward to Volume 3. Michael's compositions include various instruments depending on the track. There is the piano, percussion, guitar, strings, wood flute, woodwinds, drums, synth, and an orchestral sound.

Michael has been composing music most of his adult life. When recently asked, "What composer software do you use?" he laughed and held up his hands. Michael composes music the old-fashioned way—with pen, paper, and piano. In addition to his longtime broadcast and videography work (most recently as second camera for LaDonna Moore of LaDonna Visual Artistry), Michael has played in a myriad of bands over the years and has experience performing a plethora of music. His music is reflective of his many years of performing and composing with various big name artists. Michael's experience as both a videographer and musician is exactly why his music works perfectly for wedding and event productions. Michael even gets personal in this collection by writing a song for his father, appropriately called "Walk With Dad" (track 5). There is a second version with a southwestern flair (track 6).

Having just done a middle eastern wedding this fall and not sure what music to use, I was excited to find "Eastern Nights" (track 8) with a middle eastern sound using the guitar, orchestral and percussion. There is a Latin-flavored song called "Cabo Song" that comes in three versions (tracks 12-14). Those that videotape by the ocean will appreciate the "surf-only sound" (track 14). I am particularly fond of the regional and ethnic-styled songs because it so hard to find good royalty-free music in this genre. There are also a few of the cinematic tracks that Michael is best known for among fans of Vols. 1 and 2.

There are 11 different songs for a total of 15 tracks (some of the songs have multiple versions, some using a more or less orchestral sound). The CD case has little tips next to each title to help you match the music to different types or moods of video. For example, Faded Pictures (track 1) is reflective and nostalgic, while Sparkler (track 2) is crisp and bold.

As an added bonus, "4 Jacks" (track 16) is now included on the CD. It was the theme song for the 4EVER Group's Video 07 convention in Jacksonville.

Don't just save these CDs for editing, go ahead and put it on your iPod and play it when you want some dinner music in the background. Michael has more CDs planned for the future, so stay tuned.

For pricing and to hear select tracks, visit Michael Aiken's website at www.NightsongProductions.com.

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