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iStoragePro Introduces 4GB Fibre Channel and Enterprise iSCSI Raid Subsystem
Posted Mar 17, 2010 Print Version     Page 1of 1

iStoragePro proudly presents the new rack-mount subsystem product line. The first model is the iR16FC4ER, the 4GB Fibre channel storage subsystem, followed by the iR16IS4ER and iR16IS2ER, the 4 port/2port iSCSI RAID solutions.

They are both designed as enterprise level storage solutions with a starting capacity of 16TB and expandable up to total of 160TB of disk capacity, with hot-swappable and easily configurable RAID levels from 0,1,5,6,10,30,50, and 60. The subsystem models have snapshot/rollback support and N-way mirroring for high data protection. Because of SAS expansion, the subsystem can be easily cascaded with up to a total of 80 hard disk drives, making it one of the most practical and affordable data storage solutions for content creators and professionals of all kind. The subsystems are ideal for enterprise level business, production studios, and any thriving company that continues to grow.

For things such as video editing, which may require high capacity storage, the iStoragePro subsystem is your best alternative. These systems have up to 32 terabytes in storage capacity, and because of the SAS expansion feature you can further increase your required disk space. And, all iStoragePro products are compatibility with both MAC OS X and Windows operating systems, providing versatility with practically any program such as Apple's Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 video editing software and etcetera. It is also compatible with video capture cards such as AJA & Blackmagic Design.

The iStoragePro iR16FC4ER is a 3U 16 bay RAID model with Fibre ports. It is equipped with dual 4GB Fibre connections multi-path (MPIO), which provides speeds up to 700MB per second with excellent thermal performance. With this model you are able to use the SAS Expansion Port for daisy chaining multiple SAS JBODs for up to a total of 160TB of storage capacity. The iStoragePro Fibre subsystem clearly provides superior performance and maximum flexibility for your network sharing storage needs.

The iStoragePro iR16IS4ER and iR16IS2ER is equipped with iSCSI RAID protection. The iSCSI RAID subsystem is designed with multiple iSCSI network connections to host computers directly or via gigabit switch for more stations. It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 4Gbps for 4 ports trunking with sequential RAID 5 link aggregation. It also supports load balancing and failover via built-in Ethernet iSCSI ports.

The four ports iSCSI subsystem iR16IS4ER is also equipped with SAS expansion slots which allow you to daisy chain multiple SAS JBODs for up to total 160TB of storage capacity. The iStoragePro iSCSI subsystem is an ideal solution for data storage such as data centers, media storage management and shared SAN networks.

The iStoragePro 4GB Fibre Channel RAID subsystem (iR16FC4ER) and the iSCSI 4 Port/2 Port RAID Subsystem (iR16IS4ER/iR16IS2ER) are available now starting at a $4,395.00 MSRP. Please visit iStoragePro at http://www.istoragepro.com for further information, and find retailers at http://www.istoragepro.com/where_to_buy.php.

About iStoragePro
iStoragePro, a division of Ci Design, is a professional storage solution provider that meets high-end performance and all audio/video storage requirements. We manufacture and custom design storage systems for the OEM, VAR, and reseller markets. The new iStoragePro series includes all new SATA, SAS, FireWire, SSD, Fibre chipsets, and backplane technology. It is now available in a variety of models and interfaces such as eSATA, MiniSAS, SCSI, iSCSI, USB, FireWire, SSD, Fibre, and SAS Expander connections.

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