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eCinema Ready for NAB with DPX Monitor Line
Posted Apr 4, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

eCinema Systems (NAB booth SL9227) has unveiled plans to launch an expanded line of LCD monitors at this year's NAB convention in Las Vegas.

Founder and CEO Martin Euredjian comments, "eCinema Systems has been conducting research and development in the LCD monitor field for over five years. The new monitor line reflects what we've learned about the technology. However, and, more important than that, the new monitor line is a direct reflection of the customer feedback we have received."

Euredjian continues, "Last year we held private demonstrations of a CRT-replacement LCD monitor in prototype form. This year we are showing the finished product. Known as the ‘DPX' series, these new displays were designed with high-end DI and Telecine in mind. They are LCD-based monitors that beat CRT's in terms of contrast ratio, color gamut, bit depth, cost-of-ownership and more. The first DPX monitors will start shipping right after the show."

As part of the introduction of the new lines, eCinema Systems will be offering special discounts during NAB'07. Resellers as well as end-users are invited to come to the booth to see the new lines and take advantage of NAB-only introductory pricing.


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