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Zacuto.com Announces New Universal Base Plate for HD Movie Cameras
Posted Oct 30, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Zacuto, a leading provider of high-definition video cameras and accessories is announcing its new Universal Camera Support System and Base Plate for HD movie cameras. The HD camera base plate works with all cameras, is fully adjustable, and makes it easy to add accessories to lightweight HD cameras without breaking them.

The new Universal Camera Support System and HD camera base plate creates a new prosumer camera accessories product line that challenges the way things have been done before. A question people often have with these small prosumer cameras is, where will all of the accessories go (monitor, hard drives, wireless, units, transmitters, matte boxes, follow focuses, hand grips, shoulder pads, on-board lights, etc.) and how will we power all of these items"? That's where the idea for the HD camera base plate and Universal Camera Support System comes in; a series of products that allows for the mounting of accessories to go from tripod to handheld in seconds and is capable of powering everything.

Originally manufactured primarily for Zacuto's rental department, nothing like it has been available to the market before. first universal plate adjustable for all cameras first to use rods behind the camera first accessory mount (Zacuto Double or Mini Mount) to mount arms for monitors and accessories first Arm Locks (prevents arms from loosening) first accessory plate (Zacuto Red Plate™) to allow up to 4 on-board Zacuto Wireless Plates at one time first universal wireless plate (Zacuto Wireless Plate™) to allow for any size wireless, down-converter, video transmitter regardless of size, make, model or manufacturer first rod mounted battery system with 7.2 - 12 volt power taps first to allow prosumer cameras to mount all of the equipment necessary to properly shoot a film The system is universal (adjustable) to work with all cameras, matte boxes, follow focus units, hard drives, etc. Since the camera, hard drive and monitors change year to year, all of your Zacuto products can adjust to fit the new technologies. This works out well because Zacuto has a lifetime warranty.

For more information on the Zacuto Universal HD Movie Camera Base Plate, visit http://www.zacuto.com/universal.htm

To learn the parts of the Zacuto HD Base Plate http://www.zacuto.com/learn.htm

To see the Universal Base Plate with Panasonic AG-HVX200 Movie Camera Accessories http://www.zacuto.com/HVX200_studio_lg.jpg

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