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Zacuto Releases Handgrip Rig for iPhone 3Gs Video
Posted Jul 1, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

In rapid response to the release of the new iPhone 3Gs, Zacuto USA, leading indie camera accessories maker in the professional market, has released a handgrip iPhone rig, the Zgrip iPhone PRO. This rig attaches to the iPhone while shooting video and is the first serious solution for shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs.  

"We have had dozens of requests to create a product like the Zgrip iPhone for the new 3Gs iPhones that shoot video," explains Steve Weiss, Product Designer for Zacuto USA. "This handgrip rig is the ideal solution for unsteady iPhone video, it's easy to use and is quick to attach. Once you hold it, you'll see what we are talking about. It changes a phone to the form factor of a video camera and is necessary if you want to shoot real video."

The Zgrip iPhone PRO is a completely adjustable, quick releasable handgrip system for shooting professional stable video using the iPhone 3Gs. The handgrip fully articulates, and all of the red levers allow adjustment for every angle to get interesting, creative and smooth shots. Zacuto USA also has great accessories to help you shoot better sound, lighting, reach those high places and much more.

Zacuto USA has also put their words into action by creating a video to demonstrate the Zgrip iPhone PRO capabilities. All Zacuto products are designed and made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.

 To learn more about the Zgrip iPhone PRO or watch the video go to: http://www.zgripiphone.com.  

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