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Zacuto Introduces Sony EX3 DOF Foam Insert
Posted Mar 10, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Zacuto's Sony EX3 DOF foam insert is specifically built to fit the Sony EX3 with any of our DOF (Depth-Of-Field) kits fully assembled. That includes the Docu, Cine, Indie, Filmmaker or Feature.

The Sony EX3 DOF foam insert fits into a Storm Case IM-2975, and enables users to go from the case to the tripod to the handheld to the case within seconds. In addition to the camera, the case also holds matte box filters, recording cards, monitor, (2) 90 watt batteries with hotswap, additional camera batteries, and a dual charger for studio batteries. The lower level of the case can fit four prime lenses, which are fully protected by foam plugs.

"We made this product because nobody had a decent hard case for that camera, and certainly not one that can accommodate a DOF built EX3," said Zacuto operations manager Jens Bogehegn. "Nobody does that."

"It could take 30 minutes to build up this camera kit from scratch every single time if you didn't have a case like this," said Zacuto product designer Steve Weiss. "By putting the camera in the case fully assembled, you can pull it out and shoot within a minute. It's the only way to go. Plus, the more you assemble and disassemble the camera package, the more breakage you will have."

The Sony EX3 DOF foam insert weighs 3 Ibs, (dimensional weight for shipping is 17 lbs. because of size). The product is priced at $315.00, while the hard case is sold separately, but is also available for purchase at Zacuto.


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