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Zacuto Announces 9 Panasonic HPX170 Kits
Posted Nov 5, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

With the release of the P2 HD Panasonic HPX170, ZACUTO announces 9 kits to transform your camera into a camera package for both use with the camera only or the camera in conjunction with a DOF (depth of field) adapter. The new HPX170 will work with all existing Zacuto kits including: Docu, Newsman, Cine, Indie and Filmmaker. These kits are universal and will not only work with the HPX170 but with all cameras, camcorders and accessories making your investment in Zacuto last forever. All kits are balanced which is critical for smooth movement and less user fatigue in both tripod and handheld use. Zacuto's trademarked Z-Release (quick release) allows for fast installation of components like articulating arms, monitors and more. Zacuto kits give you all the components you need for your camera package right out of the box and at a discounted price. With various price points, no confusion, and the ability to be used with a tripod, steadicam, jib, dolly, handheld and shoulder mount; you can purchase the kit that is perfect for you and your type of shooting.

The HPX170 Baseplate Kits:

  • 5 Baseplate Kits:
    • Docu Baseplate Kit #Z-DOCU
    • Newsman Baseplate Kit #Z-NEWS
    • Cine Baseplate Kit #Z-CINE
    • Indie Baseplate Kit #Z-INDIE
    • Filmmaker Baseplate Kit #Z-FILM

In these Zacuto Baseplate kits your eye is comfortable in the viewfinder using the revolutionary Zacuto Zoffset for center mounted viewfinders. The Zacuto Docu kit is a tripod mounting kit for adding a follow focus, matte box and an on-board monitor via Zamerican articulating arm. The other kits add additional features like handheld shoulder mount, power systems to power monitors, hard drives, camera lights and more.

The HPX170 DOF Baseplate Kits:

  • 4 DOF Baseplate Kits:
    • DOF Docu Baseplate Kit #Z-DOF-DOCU
    • DOF Cine Baseplate Kit #Z-DOF-CINE
    • DOF Indie Baseplate Kit #Z-DOF-INDIE
    • DOF Filmmaker Baseplate Kit #Z-DOF-FILM

The Zacuto DOF (depth of field) Docu, Cine, Indie and Filmmaker configurations allow you to mount any 35mm depth of field adapters such as the Letus35, Brevis, MovieTube, P+S Technik, SGpro, G35pro and RedRock Micro. Key features include: The Zacuto Z-Riser which supports the DOF adapter and takes the pressure off of the small HD camera lens while also allowing for rod heightening. The Locking Lens Support keeps the DOF adapter from rocking or unwinding as you use your follow focus. The Zacuto Zwing-away (included in the Filmmaker Kit) makes your existing lightweight matte box become a swing-away matte box.

With the optional Zacuto Studio Foam Insert you can keep the camera package assembled which saves time and breakage. You can go straight from case, to tripod, to a balanced handheld in minutes as one man can transport this single case configuration. This makes Zacuto’s kits a complete turnkey solution which is certain to stand out from the rest.

Zacuto’s kits are designed by 2 industry professionals with over 45 years combined experience shooting; with additional feedback from our rental department and indie film shooters who use Zacuto gear. All parts are designed and manufactured by Zacuto in the USA using the highest quality materials to extreme tolerances and come with a lifetime warranty. The kits are designed to be use with current and future models of cameras and camcorders.


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