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XtremeMac Introduces Tango Studio Audio System for iPod with Built-In FM Radio
Posted Oct 17, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

XtremeMac today announced Tango Studio for iPod, following the huge success of the highly acclaimed Tango Digital Audio System which was released over a year ago. Tango Studio is a compact desktop audio speaker system that is compatible with all iPod models.

The system is powered by two 3-inch full-range loudspeakers and a full stereo high-dynamic amplifier to deliver excellent audio performance. Tango Studio also has a clear blue LED display that relays volume, operating mode and radio frequency information. The display is cleverly concealed behind Tango Studio's cloth grill when not in use, yet easily visible when the display comes on.

Tango Studio will charge and play any iPod docked in the retractable universal dock well. Through the auxiliary input jack at the back of the unit, it can also be used with earlier iPod models, and with other devices with audio out, such as computers and gaming systems. The included advanced remote controls all functions accessible from the unit itself, allowing Tango Studio and the iPod to be controlled from up to fifty feet away.

"Tango Studio is at the very top of its class," said CEO Gary Bart. "You get a powerful two-way speaker system compatible with any iPod, a radio and a wireless remote all for $80. It's a phenomenal value."

Tango Studio is priced at $79.95 and may be pre-ordered from XtremeMac’s website today, or purchased at retail outlets worldwide in the coming weeks.


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