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Xlnt Idea, Inc Announces Network-Attached Nexis 100PC Publisher with embedded PC
Posted Jan 23, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

XLNT Idea Inc., a leading US Based Manufacturer of DVD and CD Printing and Publishing Systems, announced the release of its Nexis 100PC system, a direct network attach DVD / CD automated publishing solution with an Embedded Processor, Hard Disk Drive and One Gig of RAM. Featuring a low profile PICO integrated PC with a GIG E Network Interface, the new Nexis 100PC provides the most economically priced " turn key " automated robotic DVD / CD creation system available today. XLNT Idea’s Disc Direct™ and Disc Studio™ software applications are preloaded on the embedded 60 GB HDD, allowing users to simply integrate a monitor, keyboard and mouse to begin disc publishing in standalone mode. Priced at an MSRP of $ 2695.00, the Nexis 100PC will be available from an XLNT Idea authorized VAR or Dealer Partner.

Dale K., VP of Engineering noted " Nexis 100PC is designed with a unique internal configuration that allows us to maintain the original footprint of the Nexis 100DVD PC attach system, while dramatically increasing functionality. Users can either integrate it directly onto a network using third party or soon to be released XLNT network software, or install a monitor, keyboard and mouse and use as a standalone solution, or both. The 1 GHZ PICO processor combined with a Gig of RAM and 60 GB HDD provides more than enough support for a wide variety of applications."

Chuck Alcon Jr, Director of Sales and Marketing added," Our Design and Engineering Team continues to create new DVD / CD solutions for emerging markets that include Medical Imaging, On Demand Content Creation / Kiosk, Office Appliance, and even Storage, Back up and Archival, and more. We remain well positioned to provide our channel partners with the right system for virtually any customer requirement or environment. "


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