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XLNT Idea, Inc Announces New Consumable Line for XLNT Idea Publishing Systems
Posted Feb 5, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

XLNT Idea Inc., a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of DVD and CD Duplication, Printing, and Autoloader Publishing Systems, is now offering a line of consumables that includes ink jet print cartridges and ink jet printable CD and DVD media. Featuring low price points and exceptional Hi Res print quality, XLNT Idea ink jet print cartridges and media provide superior value to users of XLNT Idea systems. XLNT Idea print cartridges are a generic brand designed for the Lexmark engine embedded in XLNT idea solutions, and made to XLNT Idea specifications. The black and color cartridges are competitively priced at MSRP ‘s of $ 26.95 each respectively.

Dale Kubin, VP of Engineering noted, "Now XLNT Idea Dealers and Resellers can offer a high quality print cartridge to their customers that is designed specifically for our systems. In addition, high-quality TY Watershield media is also available from XLNT Idea. Since the print cartridges are not 'locked down,' users have much greater flexibility in purchasing cartridges on the open market."

Chuck Alcon Jr, Director of Sales and Marketing, added, "The price points on our ink cartridges create a low cost of ownership overall on our publisher and direct to disc print systems. Customers are now weighing cost of ownership, system pricing and performance, and ease of use when making a purchase decision. Our consumable line gives them yet another compelling reason to choose our solutions."


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