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Wohler Announces New High Resolution LCD Video Monitors
Posted Aug 15, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Wohler Technologies has announced a new product line of high resolution LCD video monitors. Wohler specializes in in-rack audio monitoring systems, so their new video line is also designed for in-rack systems.

With the interest shown at this year's NAB 2005, Wohler suspects the high resolution HD-SDI LCD video monitor's picture will be the highlight of Wohler's stand at IBC 2005 in September.

The two series of high resolution LCD video monitors give users the benefit of a completely digital signal. The MON2-3W/HR has a 16:9 aspect ratio, fits in the standard 3U rack space, and includes two HD-SDI inputs with reclocked HD-SDI outputs and two outputs for computer monitors in the original input resolution. The MON1-T/7W-HR fits in the standard Tektronix half tub form factor alongside scopes or other HD monitoring equipment and includes one HD-SDI input with reclocked HD-SDI output.


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