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WEVA Announces More Speakers for WEVA Expo 2009
Posted Jul 22, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

WEVA Director of Educational Development John Zale and his team have announced more outstanding and truly innovative speakers & sessions for WEVA EXPO 2009. "The most exciting part of revealing this years line-up for WEVA EXPO 2009, has been gathering topics inspired by our members" states Zale. "It is what they asked for and what we're delivering!" All of this plus much more available in ONE location, the world-class Hilton Orlando resort, helping to make your business better at a price you can afford. Click Here to Register Now for WEVA EXPO 2009 and experience the all-new sessions this September 14-17 in Orlando Florida.

Newly announced speakers/seminars include the following:

The Lean Forward Moment
Norman Hollyn, Music Editor: Fame, Cotton Club, Sophie's Choice
The Lean Forward Moment can help every member of a media making team (from writers to producers, directors, cinematographers, production designers, editors, composers, sound designers and more) tell their stories more effectively. It uses a method that Norman has been teaching - and using - for years in which you can identify important beats within a scene and then shape the filmmaking in order to help the audience to better understand what it is that you're trying to say or share. Hollyn is a long-time film, television and music editor (HEATHERS, THE COTTON CLUB, SOPHIE'S CHOICE, Oliver Stone's WILD PALMS), and is Associate Professor and Head of the Editing Track at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. He is an author of nearly 100 articles and his book, THE FILM EDITING ROOM HANDBOOK, has been internationally translated.

Short Form Ceremony
Adam Forgione, Pennylane Productions
In today's society, shorter is better. Learn how to shoot and edit a short form ceremony from 2008 WEVA Creative Excellence Gold Award Winner Adam Forgione. Find out how editing an average ceremony to under 10 minutes will help market towards a higher end clientele with a "less is more" concept. Learn how to sell and communicate the short form ceremony idea to your client, how to break down the main elements of your ceremonies and decide what stays and what doesn't.

The Art of Wedding Filmmaking
Ray Roman, Ray Roman Films
Join WEVA Creative Excellence Award Winner, Ray Roman as he teaches simple yet effective techniques, which can be used to create spectacular imagery. Ray also stress the importance of not taking the couple out of their element and forcing situations that are not true to the couple's own personality.

The Power of Social Media Marketing
Ron & Tasra Dawson, Dare Dreamer Media
From president Obama to major media organizations like CNN, serious businesses are using the power of social media marketing to communicate their message and extend their brand. In this program, past WEVA presenter, 2-time EventDV Top 25er, and international award-winning producer Ron Dawson, and his wife, author and business coach Tasra Dawson will share their experiences in using social media to effectively market their business.

The Creative and Profitable World of the Concept Video
David Robin & Kevin Shahinian, david robin | films & Pacific Pictures
David Robin and Kevin Shahinian show how concept videos are designed, implemented and completed in just a few short weeks under enormous pressure, starring a slew of celebrities, bar mitzvah boys and bride and grooms. They share their creativity that can be used in any directed environment.

The Wedding Filmmaker
Dominic Velasco, IMACRON
Learn how the concepts of cinematography and filmmaking are applied to wedding videography. What are the camera movements, character shots, character movements, & compositions needed to give your wedding video the film look? What extra gear can be used to make your productions better? How do you anticipate the money shots? All this and more from Multi-year Creative Excellence Award Winner Dominic Vlasco of IMACRON from the Phillipines.

WEVA Angels
Maureen Taylor, VHVIDEO.COM
Laura Moses, Vantage Point Productions
Brooke Rudnick, Marc Smiler Video Artist
The 3 Daves have met their match. Come listen to the WEVA Angels, Maureen Taylor, VHVIDEO.COM; Laura Moses, Vantage Point Productions. Inc; and Brooke Rudnick of Marc Smiler Video Artist in a daytime talk show atmosphere chat about what it takes to be successful in this industry. This diverse trio of women - each from a unique business structure and different markets in the country - will provide insight into the bridal world; which will enable wedding filmmakers to better understand their clientele, resulting in happier clients and more bookings. Come join the WEVA Angels for a funny, fun and fascinating hour of insider tips on Hot Topics of today, how to capitalize on your strengths, what the future holds, and a Q&A for the audience from the female perspective!

Fast & Fabulous: Killer Graphics in Seconds... Not Hours!
Lance Gray, PixelPops Design, LLC
Learn quick and easy design techniques using mostly 1-click methods for creating great graphics. Everyone will walk away with a laundry list of techniques they can use right away!

Panasonic HMC150 Camera Tips and Tricks
Mark Von Lanken, Von Wedding Films.com
Robert Neal, Glass Slipper Productions
Get the most from your Panasonic AG-HMC 150 as WEVA Creative Excellence Award Winners Mark VonLanken & Robert Neal demonstrate the ins and outs of this new popular camera. Learn how to:
* Take advantage of the manual settings
* Cool features that make shooting easier
* Scene Files and how to use them
* Favorite features
* Unique features that make the camera a dream to shoot with

How to Book Your Top Package Every Time!
Keith Kelly, Innovative Communications
Tired of brides booking your lower-end packages? Like to make more money per wedding? Keith Kelly will share with you his techniques on how to book nothing but your top package. For the last decade, Keith has consistently booked only his top grossing package, which is now over $6000. What's his secret? Learn the skills of a successful presentation- what to talk about and what not to, Demos or clips, pricing strategies and more. Even if you are not a "natural" salesperson, you will leave this seminar with a much greater ability to get your top dollar for both weddings, and for corporate work.

Making the difference with Color Correction (presented in Spanish)
Jorge Jaramillo, Videografo
In this session see how you can to make the difference applying color correction. You will learn hand the steps from basic to advanced color correction. The white balance, the color look, saturations, etc. and much more no matter what NLE you use. Learning Objectives:
* The basic of color corrector in the pre production
* Understanding the color correction.
* White Balance in the Post Production
* Applying the color correction for best result
* Tips and tricks that should to know for the color correction.

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