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Vortex Media Debuts New Training DVD Set, "Mastering the Sony HVR-Z7U and S270"
Posted Aug 4, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Vortex Media has announced the release of "Mastering the Sony HVR-Z7U and HVR-S270," a new training DVD by Doug Jensen. The new DVD is the easiest way to learn both the fundamentals and advanced features of the new Sony Z7U and S270 camcorders.

This 3-hour, 2-DVD workshop includes tutorials, step-by-step examples, and detailed instructions covering the most important aspects of camera setup, menus, shooting techniques, exposure, the Memory Recording Unit, picture profiles, time-code, assign buttons, shutter speed, special effects, color correction, camera profiles, digital photos, audio, lens options, focus marking, shot transitions, clip importing, white balance, and even how to choose a recording format.

This DVD will pay for itself many times over by saving you hours of time figuring out things on your own. "Mastering the Sony HVR-Z7U" is a completely independent production with no participation, sponsorship, input, or approval from Sony -- so it delivers unbiased information and professional advice that can't be found in the owner's manual.

This video workshop is designed to help anyone, from a novice to an experienced ENG/EFP shooter, get the best results from their Z7U or S270. The DVD provides real-world examples and suggested techniques that are simple to put into practice.

Like all Vortex Media training DVDs, this workshop has been carefully researched, planned and scripted (not presented as"live" or ad lib). This DVD was produced by professionals with years of broadcast-level experience who have the knowledge to recognize what's important about the Z7U and how to teach it without getting bogged down in jargon or unnecessary technical details.

The 2-DVD set is available now from Vortex Media for $90.


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