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Vinten Radamec Introduces Fusion FHR-100 Robotic Head
Posted Aug 14, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Vinten Radamec, a Vitec Group brand and leading provider of robotic broadcast systems, adds the FHR-100 Fusion Robotic Head to its growing range of Fusion products. This medium-payload robotic head is ideal for stand-alone use or integrated with Vinten Radamec robotic platforms, including the new FP-145 Robotic Pedestal, FPH-145 Integral Height Drive and FBH-175 Bolt on Height Drive.

The smartly designed FHR-100 incorporates the features of Vinten Radamec’s FH-100 Fusion Robotic head except for its ability to be operated manually. As a robotic-only head, it is the lightest weight, most economical robotic head in the 120-pound payload range.

The robust, straightforward mechanical design and leading-edge electronics provide the perfect combination for a high-performance head, both in terms of visibility and accuracy, yielding head-positioning repeatability of 60 Arc seconds. The head contains its own power supply unit, allowing for power to be taken into the head conveniently either from a pedestal or directly from the studio.

As a Vinten Radamec Fusion product, the FHR-100 integrates with Fusion controllers via Cat6 cabling, and can be interoperated with legacy Vinten and Radamec robotic products. Increasing the operational versatility further, the head’s integral lens drive allows automatic configuration to directly drive any full servo digital Canon or Fujinon broadcast lens.

The system has additional mounting points to support preview monitors for superior on-shot performance. The FHR-100 is available through the Vinten Radamec dealer network.


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