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Verity Systems Launches OptiPrinter Pro
Posted Nov 23, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Verity Systems has launched its new CD/DVD printer, the OptiPrinter Pro. Building on its predecessor, the OptiPrinter, the OptiPrinter Pro has additional features, enhanced quality, more efficient performance, and improved styling.

OptiPrinter Pro is designed to focus on the most important aspects of disc printing: price, speed, quality, and versatility. Verity says running costs for the OptiPrinter Pro are 50% less expensive than all of its direct competitors.

One set of cartridges will produce between 400-750 full color discs, according to Verity, making the average cost per disc $0.07-$0.13. The OptiPrinter Pro itself is priced as $1,449 (MSRP).

Developed in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard, the OptiPrinter Pro includes a host of new features:

· Six-color printing
· HP's latest inkjet technology which means smaller droplet size so that ink dries faster
· Printing speeds of up to 30% faster than its predecessor
· Combines with many existing autoloaders for automated printing

The OptiPrinter Pro is currently shipping and can be purchased from Verity Systems' authorized distributors around the world.


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