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Verbatim Announces Ultra Density Optical Media
Posted Jul 27, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Verbatim Corporation announced a new family of 5.25-inch Ultra Density Optical (UDO) write-once and rewritable media. Verbatim's 30GB dual-sided UDO media offers storage capacity for a cost of about $2 per Gigabyte. The new media supports UDO drives and optical jukeboxes from Plasmon and HP.

Based on blue-laser technology, Verbatim UDO write-once and rewritable media use the same basic media format, but have different phase change alloy compositions optimized for their specific applications. Write-once security and a data life of 50 years make this media a solid choice for long-term archives that demand record authenticity. For work in progress or files that will be updated, Verbatim will offer UDO Rewritable media that supports more than 10,000 direct overwrite cycles.

To protect the media from physical damage and contamination (dust, fingerprints, etc.), Verbatim double-sided UDO discs feature an ISO standard 5.25-inch cartridge that is designed based on previous-generation optical media. This mixed media support is designed to provide a simple transition path for existing optical customers and to minimize the need to migrate data from older media. The cartridge is also treated with a special anti-static material that helps reduce electrostatic charges that can cause problems in jukebox/library mechanisms.


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