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Velocity Micro Launches NVIDIA Quadro CX-Powered Workstations
Posted Nov 24, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Velocity Micro, the premier independent builder of custom, high performance desktop computers and notebooks, announces the availability of two professional workstations powered by the NVIDIA Quadro CX and fully optimized for Adobe Creative Suite 4—the ProMagix™ W260 and ProMagix™ W160.  With the Quadro CX and the 64-bit optimization of CS4, Velocity Micro’s ultra performance workstations now offer the serious designer or content creation professional the perfect system for superior productivity.

“We’ve always made it our goal to build the very best in ultra performance systems for a variety of different users, whether they be for gaming, home and office use, or graphics and video manipulation,” said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro.  “With the Quadro CX, we now have the definitive hardware solution for Adobe Creative Suite users, allowing them to take their software’s performance to new heights.”

Thanks to major innovations by Adobe and NVIDIA, CS4 users can now utilize the bleeding-edge hardware found in Velocity Micro’s powerful workstations, making them the clear system of choice for graphics professionals.  The newly launched NVIDIA Quadro CX accelerates high-quality video and creative visual effects, allowing for real time previews and faster rendering of even the most complex video projects.  Additionally, exclusive lightening-fast H.264 NVIDIA® CUDA™ enabled video encoding plug-in for Premier Pro saves both time and money by integrating the GPU and video encoder.  For 2D image artists, the Quadro CX provides flawless image rotation, zooming, and panning without stuttering, preview lags, or jagged edges.  Also new to CS4 is 64-bit processor support, which allows Velocity Micro customers to utilize more than four gigs of memory on their digital media creations.  Adobe support for 64-bit processors is not and will not be available for Mac.

The ProMagix W260 and ProMagix W160 join a full line of ultra performance workstations, desktops, and notebooks available at VelocityMicro.com and various retailers.  Systems featuring the Quadro CX start at $4,385.



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