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VFGadgets Introduces the “Hang N Shoot”
Posted Nov 19, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

VFGadgets Inc. has announced the launch of the "Hang N Shoot" mini DV camera car mount system developed by FTS (Film & Television Services) in Israel. This system weighs 17.08 lbs, or 7.75 kg. The Hang N Shoot is designed for use with mini DV cameras such as Panasonic's AG-DVX100Aa or the new HDV Handycam Camcorder camcorder from Sony. The camera camera-mount components are made from anodized aluminum and combined with a modified adjustable bicycle rack.

The system enables 3 axis movement, plus 360 degree tilt of the ball head which allows for many different camera angles from the same anchored position. The "Hang N Shoot" system can be used on any vehicle surface (front hood, side doors or back trunk). Set up time for any position takes minutes. The system comes with mono pod, adjustable ball head, sliding bracket, sliding bar, bridge, hanging rack and an (8mm) Allen key.


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